Here are the April/2019 MLS single-family statistics for Austin, TX:

April produced some very interesting numbers for our Austin home sales market:

  • The number of listings increased slightly over Apr/2018 by only 63 homes (+1%) but much better than our YTD avg of +10%;
  • Pendings went up by 8%, very close to our 9% YTD average.  Pendings are the future-indicator of a real estate market since they are homes that have contracts but not yet closed.  The Activity Index, a market “hotness” indicator uses Pendings, too, in this formula:  Pendings/(Listings + Pendings). This has been our most consistently positive category this year;
  • Sales shot up by 16% which is double our YTD avg of 8% and our highest monthly increase (for any month) since Sep/2013;
  • Inventory (the # of months it would take to sell all homes currently on the market at the current sales rate) dropped significantly by 13% compared to our 3% increase YTD;
  • Median home prices (midpoint of all homes…half are above this figure and half are below it) rose slightly by 1% vs. our 2% YTD avg;
  • Average home prices, however, dropped by 2% vs. our 1% increase YTD;
  • Days on market went down by 1 day (-2%) while we’ve averaged 6% increase YTD;
  • Our Activity Index rose by 4% vs. our -1.0% decrease YTD.

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