The Thomas & Kauffman Team recently closed on a home sale with an interesting twist…we beat out one of these new “up and coming” companies that are supposedly going to “disrupt the real estate marketplace” and how homes are bought & sold.  Our home seller received an offer from Opendoor for $152,000 (it was a small townhome of 999 sq. ft.) with a promise to close quickly.  However, they also had a 5% fee for handling the transaction AND there would be a price reduction equal to any repairs needed to the home after they had their home inspector look at it.  So, she would have netted $144,400 after their fee but BEFORE any repairs were deducted.   We put her home on the market for $165,000 (+8.5%) which was a reasonable market value and received 5 offers which raised her sale price to $172,000 (+13.2%).  This netted her $161,680 after sales commissions which is $17,280 MORE (+12%) than the quick-offer company. And, her home sold in only 3 days and she made no repairs.

Extrapolate this into a home sale closer to Austin’s average sale price like $400,000 and that seller would net about $42,000 more using our services vs. one of these new “quick-offer” companies!  And, this isn’t an anomaly…we are hearing more and more stories about how these new “competitors” aren’t stating all the facts about how they can get your home sold quickly and for “market value”.  Clearly, our townhouse buyer wouldn’t have received market value if she had used Opendoor.  Call us at 512-730-1252 or send us an email at if you get an offer and would like us to compare.