NEW HOME BUYERS:  Don’t forget, we can represent you in the selection/purchase of a new construction home.  Keep in mind that you need representation during the entire process because the builder’s representative works for the builder and their best interests…NOT for yours!  We will help you throughout the process of buying a new home that hasn’t been started, or with one that has been completed (called an “inventory” home).  And, our services come at no cost to you since the builder pays our commission! (they come out of the builder’s marketing budget & aren’t tied to a particular home).  The largest home builder in the United States regularly has 80-90% of their home buyers represented by a Realtor and they prefer it that way so this is more common than not.  Most builders prefer a Realtor in the transaction since they can help the buyer navigate the steps in the process and answer any questions they may have. 

Contact the Thomas & Kauffman team by phone/text at 512-730-1252 or by email at so we can help you find just the right home that fits your needs.

And, if you are a 1st-time home buyer, check out this page on our website for guidance:  1st Time Home Buyers