KW Command

Expanded features of KW Command:

  • Dashboard – Track your daily action items, goals, and key metrics from across Command at a glance…all in one place.  Works on desktop, cell phones and/or tablets.
  • Contacts – Manage your database and nurture your relationships
    • Customize your layout to suit your needs
    • View personal information about contact like: timeline of activities & contacts; all buying/selling opportunities; access notes taken; and all Smart Plans activated
  • Calendar – Keep track of your most precious resource, your time
  • Deals & Opportunities – Streamline your transactions and take advantage of data-driven forecasting software.  All prospecting and sales activity condensed on one easy to see page.  Linked to the local MLS for easy importing of listing data.
    • For all Listing and Buyer prospects and clients, see the # and $$$ volume for:
      • All upcoming appointments
      • All active prospects
      • Track all sales contracts
      • Track all closed sales numbers
      • Total closed and potentially closed commissions based on future probability
    • See the Opportunity Ratio for each category:  Listings, Buyers, Leases (commercial coming soon)
    • See a graph representing the Opportunity Activity of future, potential sales and commissions
    • See list of Opportunities closing this month
    • Provides simple system to see and send multiple offers to your client so they can make a better decision
    • Electronic signature software is included to make offers and contract management a breeze
  • Groups – Share conversations, calendars, and resources with groups large and small
    • Initiate chats with agents on your team/group; within a KW agent group you create (ie-Mastermind, home buyer specialists, home seller specialists, etc); KW referral agents; etc.
    • Easily connect with the Technology department for insights and tips for Command use
  • Lead Accelerator – Create multi-channel marketing campaigns across both digital and physical media
    • Create digital ads and send to Facebook Ads, Twitter, Google Adwords, LinkedIn Ads, Nextdoor, and Zillow
    • Extremely easy and intuitive software allows these ads to be created in just a few minutes by anyone regardless of computer skills or knowledge
    • Only one portal creation to access all of the social networks listed above…no need to create separate ads for each
    • Select your marketing goal for each ad:  Attract listings, Advertise listing, Attract talent (other agents or staff), Brand awareness, or Event awareness
    • Create templates to easily use again for future needs
    • Use the tool above to create mailers for any of your campaigns, too, like Just Listed postcards, etc
    • Keller Williams keeps $0 in profit regardless of any advertising tool used…they are passed to you, the agent at cost
  • Designs – Your design center to create engaging visual marketing pieces – simply and easily
    • One of the best features of Command and one of the best, most intuitive software programs for creating marketing materials (ie-flyers, postcards, open house pieces, etc) that is available on the open market
    • Very easy to use…just select what you want and drag & drop into the template
    • See what your design looks like on a desktop, phone or tablet as you create it
    • NO graphic design experience needed
    • Select the “canvas type” you need to make like Email templates, Marketing templates, Web templates, or Listing presentation
  • Smart Plans – Automate your business to create digital leverage
    • Complete set-it-and-forget it plans for your Prospects, Listings, Contract-to-Close, and After-sale business
    • These include reminders and automation for when to call, email, or to-do your prospects and clients.  Never forget an important step in any of your prospecting or sales pipelines.
    • Use one of the KW templates and customize it to your needs
    • Or, simply purchase one of the upcoming plans created by fellow KW agents across the company who have already created one the put on the KW marketplace to earn extra income (any KW agent can create and post their plan for purchase by other KW agents).  This Keller Cloud Marketplace will work much like the Apple app store giving you access to countless apps to make your business better
    • Easily start a Smart Plan with each prospect or client.  Keeps you on top of all aspects of your business and reduces the liability you might forget an important step.
    • Text message system included for listing signage allowing potential home buyers to learn more about your listing
  • Listings – Own and manage your listings with ease
    • Complete monitoring system to track your listing from beginning to closing
  • Listing Consult – Share your unique value proposition with a dynamic listing presentation designed for today’s client
    • Take advantage of the artificial intelligence Kelle provides to create a unique listing experience unlike anything home sellers have ever seen
    • New, revolutionary listing program that includes seller feedback to ensure home pricing is correct
  • Referrals – Grow your business with today’s largest independent agent-to-agent referral network
    • The Keller Williams Referral system links all agents in the company (approximately 170,000 in the U.S. alone) making it easy to send or receive a referral from someone outside of your marketing area
    • When sending a referral out:  simply find the geographic area of the client, select minimum past production requirements for the agents (either buyer or seller agents), contact the agent of your choice from this list.  Or use the Broadcast Referral feature which allows you to send to multiple agents and let them respond to you.  Either way, you are sending your referral to a well-qualified agent for your client’s home buying or selling needs.
  • Local Insights – Flex your hyper-local expertise.  Share your local insights and see what others are saying
    • Map-based program where you can comment on features and benefits to an area you farm, your neighborhood, etc.
    • Be the expert in the area so prospects and clients can find you
  • Settings – Fully customize your Keller Cloud experience and manage your Connected Applications
    • An important feature of Command is the ability to customize your screen layouts across all of the various sections listed above
    • Make the program look, feel and operate just how you like to use it for maximum efficiency
  • Feedback – Command is our database, created by agents for agents.  Each page of Command has a feedback link where you can make requests for new features, improvements and feedback on the system.  This goes directly to the KW Technology department for review and implementation if deemed acceptable.  Command is a fully fluid system and Gary Keller has committed to ensuring KW agents have the best, most useful system with the latest in technology so we can provide the best, most innovative system to ensure our clients have the best home buying and selling experience they want and deserve.

Here are some system screenshots:



Design Center: