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On Feb 16, 2019 Keller Williams rolled out a new FULL-SERVE business management system (aka-KW “Command”) that will truly revolutionize how real estate agents operate their business and how their clients interact with the system to receive a world-class, first of its kind real estate experience.  Both agents and clients will move through the home buying and selling process and interact in ways unlike anything ever seen before.  This will allow agents to streamline their transactions—prospecting, contracts, closings, and post-closing—providing them with more time and at less cost. 

Imagine starting your day at your KW Command desktop where you will see every aspect of your business in one location.  No more logging into several different software programs, making duplicate entries of your client’s information, struggling to make each of the programs talk with each other, and having the additional costs associated with the myriad programs. 

Command is a collaborative, agent-made program…the result of years of interaction between thousands of KW agents who have been beta testing it to ensure it is the best system a Realtor can use.  KW created a brand-new cloud-based portal (“Kelle”), so it will have limitless expansion capabilities.  Have you ever been frustrated with some of your current software’s limitations?  The “Labs” think-tank Gary Keller developed incorporates constant and continuous agent feedback to provide the tools and software programs that we, as agents, want and need to do our job successfully and efficiently.  And, even better, it will continue to be a program that can and will adapt to our ever-changing future needs.  If the majority want to see a new feature, we need only make a request and it will be created in a matter of weeks, not years!  This will ensure KW agents have the best software programs today and forever. 

And, Keller Williams used the same processes with thousands of consumers across the country to create a consumer-facing application that will provide them relevant information about the homes they want to buy or with help selling their home using never-before-seen interfaces that will revolutionize their experience.

Command is proprietary software so ONLY Keller Williams agents will have access to it.  This will also ensure that your data remains with KW and no other companies can use it or sell it.  Imagine using the power of big data & artificial intelligence across the largest, privately-owned real estate company in the United States (or the world for that matter) to extract information no one can replicate allowing us to provide best-in-class service to our clients. 

Below is a recap of the beta version of Command so you can see the features.  All items listed are in ONE dashboard to easily manage your business.  Gary Keller has stated on several occasions that the total cost will be only $25/mo ($300/yr)!

Features of KW Command (click here to see expanded version):

  • Dashboard – Track your daily action items, goals, and key metrics from across Command at a glance…all in one place.  Works on desktop, cell phones and/or tablets.
  • Contacts – Manage your database and nurture your relationships
  • Calendar – Keep track of your most precious resource, your time
  • Deals & Opportunities – Streamline your transactions and take advantage of data-driven forecasting software.  All prospecting and sales activity condensed on one easy to see page.  Linked to the local MLS for easy importing of listing data.  Includes electronic signature software. 
  • Groups – Share conversations, calendars, and resources with groups large and small
  • Lead Accelerator – Create multi-channel marketing campaigns across both digital and physical media
  • Designs – Your design center to create engaging visual marketing pieces – simply and easily
  • Smart Plans – Automate your business to create digital leverage
  • Listings – Own and manage your listings with ease
  • Listing Consult – Share your unique value proposition with a dynamic listing presentation designed for today’s client
  • Referrals – Grow your business with today’s largest independent agent-to-agent referral network
  • Local Insights – Flex your hyper-local expertise.  Share your local insights and see what others are saying
  • Settings – Fully customize your Keller Cloud experience and manage your Connected Applications
  • Feedback – Command is our database, created by agents for agents.  Each page of Command has a feedback link where you can make requests for new features, improvements and feedback on the system.  This goes directly to the KW Technology department for review and implementation if deemed acceptable.  Command is a fully fluid system and Gary Keller has committed to ensuring KW agents have the best, most useful system with the latest in technology so we can provide the best, most innovative system to ensure our clients have the best home buying and selling experience they want and deserve.

Here is a good website showing each section of Command with short videos: Explore Command

Recently, Inman News gave Command a 5-star rating.  Read more here: Command deftly delivers on Keller Williams commitment to technology.  

Join us and the other 170,000 Keller Williams agents so you can cancel all your existing third-party software programs to save you money on:  Docusign, Dotloop, Canva, listing sign text-message software, database, website (future feature for Command), etc.   This can save you hundreds of dollars each month since the KW Command system only costs you $25/mo!

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